Terms and Conditions

Following Terms contain information about purchasing products at our online shop. They apply to every part of your relationship as a buyer to the Company (rights and obligations) in addition to other publically posted and available documents (such as Legal for Users). The buyer is obliged by terms valid at the time of purchase (completing an order by paying).

All prices at our online shop will contain information whether they include VAT or not. Due to the Company selling products to various EU countries, different VAT rate can apply to your purchase, depending on the country you have chosen as a shipping address country.

For example: if you order a product to be shipped to Denmark, Danish VAT will apply, which you will be able to see when ordering and on the invoice. For other EU countries, we currently charge Slovenian VAT. All VAT ID numbers can be found under ‘Company Information’ on our web page.

Shipping VAT shall always be the same as the VAT applied to the ordered products.

Once you have placed your order through our Web page online store and your payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a purchase/order confirmation e-mail.

Shipping cost can vary according to a destination, all costs will be shown in the shop after you fill out the desired shipping address.

The Company offers shipping via GLS, DHL or similar courier services, depending on market.
Example – for Denmark we offer 2 delivery services: DAO and GLS.
DAO shipping is free for all orders above 100 €, otherwise, the cost is 6 €.
DAO delivers to DAO shops which means you will have to collect your goods at the chosen DAO location.

GLS Shipping cost is 4 € for all orders above 100 € and 10 € for lower amount orders.
GLS delivers to your home address or any other address you chose.

Please note that the Company is not responsible for any delays or missing packages caused by courier services or other reasons outside our reach. Parcels are insured by contractual courier.
All delivery times are estimated.

You should receive an e-mail notifying you that your order has been shipped and a tracking number (depending on destination and courier partner, this service can vary). You should be able to track your purchased Products the whole way through their journey, however, please note that for certain destinations / countries, this service is not provided and you will be notified only prior to delivery.

We ship your orders daily. Some delays may occur in periods of public holidays. Such events will be notified on our web page.

For the countries within EU, products should in average arrive at your doorstep within 5 to 7 working days from shipping.

Redelivery – In case we receive back the package due to incorrectly provided address or non-collection from the courier, a redelivery fee in the amount of 16 € (excl. VAT) will be charged to you to cover return costs and the cost of redelivery.

Acceptance of goods – You are responsible for inspecting the goods upon arrival. You should notify the Company promptly (within 14 days of delivery) of any fault, providing a photo of state of goods upon delivery!
Please note that no claim can be made without proof – a photo. You can read more in the Return Policy section of these Shop terms.

Cancellation – If you wish to cancel your order, you should do it immediately, if possible, before the items have been shipped. You can cancel your orders by sending an e-mail to support@wetality.com.

Wetality Shop accepts credit card payments and transfers from your available Wetality Payments account balance – your Wetality Company credit issued to your Wetality Accounts. Currently accepted credit cards are European Master Card and European Visa. There is also an option to pay for your order via bank transfer, which is explained below.

You can proceed to pay items selected in Wetality shop by pressing “Go to payment” button. After your payment has been successfully processed you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. An invoice will also be sent to your email address after your order has been processed for shipping. The purchase agreement is concluded at the moment that order confirmation email is sent to the buyer. From this moment on, all prices and other terms are fixed. Please note that no money will be withdrawn from your credit card until goods have been shipped. When placing an order, the amount will be reserved on your card and the final charge will be processed after goods have been shipped to you.

Products can be ordered from Company directly using Company’s official Web page. No minimum order is required. The Company shall accept no orders on credit – items will be shipped when fully paid (when the amount has been reserved on your credit card). If the overpayment is made when placing an order, Company shall grant you refund or credit for Product or service purchase. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order or service at our own discretion.

Credit Card Use

Upon purchase, you must regularly use your own personal credit card in order to place Product or Services orders. You may not place a product order using someone else’s credit card without the credit card owner’s written permission. Failure to produce such permission may result in cancellation of the sale.

If there are insufficient funds on credit card and payment cannot be made in full amount, the Company will hold that order and ship it only after payment has been made completely. The completion date of the order will then normally be the day the payment is accepted but can be the day when the order is placed if the system says „payment pending“ since the payment can sometimes be delayed because of the payment system. This means any orders which should be placed before a certain deadline, must respect this deadline, in order to prevent any problematic situation.

Bank Funding

Wetality offers a possibility for Customers and Independent Representatives to make a payment for their order through transferring funds to the Company’s bank account. The account provided below is Danish, but payments are considered international, even if it is paid from the Danish account, so all amounts must be stated in the Euro currency.

Regularly, your bank will charge a fee, which will be deducted before the funds get to the Company’s account. Our bank also charges a fee in the amount of 6 for this kind of transaction. The amount of money transferred minus this fee will be then processed as your order payment.

The fee of 6 will not be charged on a single transaction in the minimum amount of 200 .

It is very important to provide your Wetality Username in the text area of the payment, as well as the order number, so the funds can be associated with your particular Wetality order.

It will take up to 4 days from transfer until the order is confirmed as paid (set from status ‘on hold‘ to status ‘processing‘).


Information for payment:

Bank Name: Nova Kreditna banka Maribor d.d.
IBAN: SI56040010049906295
Bank Address: Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Account Holder: Quantum Vitalitiy Group D.O.O.
Account Holder Address: Litijska cesta 45, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

As an Independent Representative or a Customer, you have an option to have payments for orders you specifically choose charged automatically on the 10th day of every second month and the Products from those orders will also be delivered every 2nd month automatically.
(For certain products this subscription payment is triggered each month. Such exception will be specified in special agreement upon ordering of such products). This is called Wetality Smartship.

You will need to submit your Wetality Subscription Agreement by confirming and setting Wetality Subscription at Company’s Webshop – this means that in checkout you confirm that you would like recurring payment and automatic shipping on that specific order. The only requirement you have to meet is that your Smartship order amount is min 59 Eur product value for 2 months.

By submitting this Agreement, you can choose between different Products you would like to have shipped on Subscription on the 10th day of every 2nd month, and provide the Company with your valid Visa or MasterCard number, expiration date, and other necessary information. The payments will be charged to your credit card on the same day of each second month as the original order has been placed (including Product and shipping payments).
All credit card information will be stored with government-approved financial institutions and not with the Company.
You authorize the Company and its affiliated companies to process your order by charging your credit card every second month for Products specified in Wetality Subscription Agreement and for their delivery.
The merchant (quickpay) uses a process in which they store all credit card information and provide Wetality with a key which the Company then uses to trigger Product billing.
This is called product subscription. The Company thus collects no credit card information.
For more please visit https://quickpay.net/features/subscriptions

All Products must be fully paid before the order is processed.

The Products will be shipped to the address you have provided. To change this address, you must notify the Company at least 14-days prior to the designated shipping date.

Certain Products may be discontinued by the Company. The Company will normally notify you of such discontinuance 5 days in advance. These Products will be left out of Subscription, other Products will ship regularly. All costs and shipping fees will be adjusted automatically to reflect these changes. The same shall apply if the Product is out of stock. Once the product is available, it will be shipped in your next scheduled order.

If the Company changes the prices of selected Products, upon price increase, you will be notified 30 – days prior to such change. Unless you notify the Company in writing within this time period that you no longer wish to include this Product in your Subscription, the Company will continue to ship this Product with increased price.

The Company’s Return Policy also applies to Subscription.

To manage your Wetality Subscription Agreement you should visit My Smartship Orders page, where you can: create a new Smartship, check your Smartship orders, view, change, or cancel your Smartship and add a new product to existing subscription.
Read more in the guide at the bottom of The Wetality Way page.

To terminate or change your Smartship, you must send us your wish in writing to support@wetality.com, and the Company will cancel your Subscription within 30 days.

The Company may terminate any Subscription upon 30-days prior notice. The Company may terminate your Subscription Agreement if credit card information you provided is invalid, expired, or canceled or if you violate any Company’s provisions.

Please note that DKK prices are displayed only for informational purposes (showed only to Danish customers). Actual billing will be in EUR and conversion rates may vary according to your bank’s policies. Wetality uses the conversion rate 1 € = 7.47 DKK.

Products can be ordered from the Company directly using the Company’s official Web page. No minimum order is required. The Company shall accept no orders on credit – items will be shipped when fully paid. If the overpayment is made when placing an order, Company shall grant you a refund or credit for product or service purchase.

Ordering process

In order to purchase products in our online shop, you will need to provide the Username of the person who referred you to Wetality. You will also need to create your own Username and Password in the registration form with all requested information to become a Customer.

In a Shop, you can click on a Product and add it to your cart and the Product will be stored in your cart. By opening your cart, you will be able to see total prices for chosen Products, VAT, and shipping costs. Then you can click on “Proceed to checkout” and fill in your billing and shipping information (if it hasn’t been already stored in a system under your User Name). The order review will be shown and you will need to accept Shop Terms and Conditions. After you can go “Go to pay” and finish your order by paying. You will receive a confirmation email. When your purchase is shipped, you will receive notification by email with the invoice and the amount will be withdrawn from your credit card after that.

You also have an option to chose Smartship instead of a one-time purchase – this means you will receive these products on a bi-monthly basis from the date of the initial Smartship subscription.
You can read more about under the Wetality Smartship section.

The Company shall repair, replace, reduce the price or issue a refund if goods you purchased turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised.

Purchases made directly from Company shall be refunded to the buyer by the Company. It means that the person who purchased the Product is entitled to refund by the Company.

Cancel and Return: Returns on non faulty Products  – the Company will refund 100% of the purchase price of Currently Marketable products that are returned by Independent Representatives or Customers.

You must notify the Company of your wish to return purchased Products within 14 days of delivery via email to support@wetality.com.

It is your obligation to send back the purchased Products you would like to return within 14 days of your notification to the Company. After return has been made, Bonuses that have been earned with this purchase will be recouped by the Company through the system.

Please note that you bear the costs of returning goods. The Company will refund you within 14 days from receipt of your cancellation (please note that Company will delay refunding you if the goods or evidence that you have returned have not been received).

Currently Marketable means:

  • unopened and unused;
  • packaging and labeling have not been altered or replaced

No refund on orders from others is possible.

If products have been received by the purchaser in damaged condition, Company will exchange product if returned within 2 years of receipt. Since some Products have shorter expiration date, this guarantee does not apply to Products after expiration date.
You can exchange Products only until their expiration date but not after. Note that 6 months after receipt of the goods, you need to prove that the defect has already existed upon the receipt. When exchange is not possible, Company will issue a credit for the amount of the returned products.

In order to claim that goods have arrived in faulty condition, it is necessary to provide a photo of state of product at the time of its arrival. Please also provide a photo or scan of complete delivery document. Without a proof in form of a photo, Company will assume that goods have not arrived in damaged condition.

Purchases made directly from Company shall be exchanged by the Company.

Return-refund and Exchange Procedure

When returning or exchanging products, original sales order number must be provided – an invoice copy or invoice number together with information of your decision to cancel the purchase or exchange the Product.

You should send such notice to support@wetality.comYou can use Company’s model withdrawal form.

You must send goods back by registered post Currently Marketable to the Company within 14 days of such notice. You should keep a proof of returned goods shipping in case goods do not arrive to us. When products are returned, the Company has the right to recoup the bonuses that were paid based on the purchase of the returned Products. A refund will be given within 14 days from receipt of your cancellation (please note that the Company will delay refunding you if the goods or evidence that you have returned have not been received).

Refund Alternatives.  The form of refund will be based upon the original form of payment. When it is allowed by law or with prior consent of a customer, the Company in its discretion may determine the acceptable refund alternatives for product returns, including but not limited to the following: Company Credit, Product Credit, bank check, bank transfer, or credit card charge back. The actual form of refund will be based upon payment procedures in the local market and the original form of payment. Refunds will only be paid to the original payer.

If any additional or more favorable rights are granted by law in any specific country, the Company shall act upon request according to those rights.

The Company does not make any medical claims, or state or imply that any Product is formulated, designed or approved by the Company or any regulatory authority to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. This would falsely imply that the Products are drugs rather than cosmetics, skin care or nutritionals.

The Company never compares Products to drugs. Any such representations, claims or comparisons by you may result in your personal liability.

Product claims & health:

Please note that products and claims on this site and any Company linked sites have not been evaluated by official institutions and are not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illness or disease.

Company’s and its sites intention is not to provide medical advice. Products, descriptions, researches, etc. on this site are for informational purposes only. Information in relation to health and medical conditions, products and advice on this or any linked sites is not a substitute for healthcare professional’s opinion.

Please consult with physician or other healthcare professionals regarding any medical, health related issues for diagnosis and treatment.

No self-management considering personal health is recommended.

Before you use any product, you should carefully read its labels and packaging. You should consult your health care provider before taking our product for the first time. You should consult your physician regarding any interaction with medication or supplements you have been already using.

Comments on this site, linked sites, forums and other written or spoken messages are not claims by Wetality and are only personal opinions.

Wetality is not liable for any information regarding health issues and will not to be held responsible for any damages arising from information.

The Company does not state or imply that any Product is registered or approved by national authorities. It is Company’s obligation to ensure that all products authorized for sale in a specific authorized country meet all requirements and standards of that authorized territory. Some markets do not require a premarket notification whereas others require a specific product notification for the individual cosmetic or nutritional Products that the Company sells.

When making Product benefit claims or giving personal testimonials regarding products, note that it is always only your personal experience and opinion. Specific health effect related claims can only be made in accordance with any national legislation relating to nutrition and health claims. The claims must be correct and not misleading.

When using Company’s web pages, submitting any Agreement and conducting any business concerning Company’s Products, you also thereby confirm your awareness of Company’s Disclaimer policy. It is of great importance to understand it completely and behave accordingly.

Contact information provided upon registration will be shared with a contact person within Wetality organization which will be able to use first name and the email address provided to contact a customer and provide further support and guidance.

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