Wetality Smartship subscription

As an Independent Representative or a Customer, you have an option to have payments for orders you specifically choose charged automatically on the 10th day of every second month and the Products from those orders will also be delivered every 2nd month automatically.
(For certain products this subscription payment is triggered each month. Such exception will be specified in special agreement upon ordering of such products). This is called Wetality Smartship.

You will need to submit your Wetality Subscription Agreement by confirming and setting Wetality Subscription at Company’s Webshop – this means that in checkout you confirm that you would like recurring payment and automatic shipping on that specific order.
The only requirement you have to meet is that your Smartship order amount is min 59 Eur product value for 2 months.

By submitting this Agreement, you can choose between different Products you would like to have shipped on Subscription on the 10th day of every 2nd month, and provide the Company with your valid Visa or MasterCard number, expiration date, and other necessary information. The payments will be charged to your credit card on the same day of each second month as the original order has been placed (including Product and shipping payments).
All credit card information will be stored with government-approved financial institutions and not with the Company.
You authorize the Company and its affiliated companies to process your order by charging your credit card every second month for Products specified in Wetality Subscription Agreement and for their delivery.

The merchant (quickpay) uses a process in which they store all credit card information and provide Wetality with a key which the Company then uses to trigger Product billing.
This is called product subscription. The Company thus collects no credit card information. For more please visit https://quickpay.net/features/subscriptions

All Products must be fully paid before the order is processed.

The Products will be shipped to the address you have provided. To change this address, you must notify the Company at least 14-days prior to the designated shipping date.

Certain Products may be discontinued by the Company. The Company will normally notify you of such discontinuance 5 days in advance. These Products will be left out of Subscription, other Products will ship regularly. All costs and shipping fees will be adjusted automatically to reflect these changes. The same shall apply if the Product is out of stock. Once the product is available, it will be shipped in your next scheduled order.

If the Company changes the prices of selected Products, upon price increase, you will be notified 30 – days prior to such change. Unless you notify the Company in writing within this time period that you no longer wish to include this Product in your Subscription, the Company will continue to ship this Product with increased price.

The Company’s Return Policy also applies to Subscription.

To manage your Wetality Subscription Agreement you should visit My Smartship Orders page, where you can: create a new Smartship, check your Smartship orders, view, change, or cancel your Smartship and add a new product to existing subscription.
Read more in the guide at the bottom of The Wetality Way page.

To terminate or change your Smartship, you must send us your wish in writing to support@wetality.com, and the Company will cancel your Subscription within 30 days.

The Company may terminate any Subscription upon 30-days prior notice. The Company may terminate your Subscription Agreement if the credit card information you provided is invalid, expired, or canceled or if you violate any Company’s provisions.

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