– Wetality Air · Air purifier, humidifier and diffuser in one machine

Wetality AIR Purifier

Wetality air is one of the strongest competitors in the market. It is Air purifier, humidifier and diffuser in one machine and removes 99.97% unhealthy particles from the polluted air.

Filters are inside.

Price: € 386.00

Guarantee and Service Agreement

Multi Filter Package-2003 is shipped 8 months after the initial order, Complete Filter Package-2002 is shipped 16 months after initial order. Every 48 months you can replace your Wetality AIR purifier with the latest version ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Price: € 22.00 / month

Wetality Air Purifier Filter Packages

Filter Packages

You can also buy your filters for Wetality Air, without having a Service and Warranty Agreement.

Multi Filter

Includes Multi Filter only.

Price: € 64.00

Complete Filter

Includes Multi Filter, Pre Primary Filter and UV light.

Price: € 87.00