What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another. Most browsers support cookies, but users can set their browsers to decline them and can delete them whenever they like.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies for:

authentication, to identify the user once he has logged in, for the duration of a session.

user input, to keep track of the user’s input when filling online forms, shopping carts, etc., for the duration of a session or persistent cookies limited to a few hours in some cases.

user interface customization,  for the duration of a session (or slightly longer).

for the shop, to remember the products.

Third party cookies:


How to control/SWITCH OFF cookies