QVG Roles

There are many different possibilities offered to you by QVG. You can choose among 2 different roles and find one which suits you best:


  • Customer: You can purchase Products at the full price at any time at our Online shop by providing necessary information and submitting referral ID of a person who introduced you to our Products.

    Once you have signed in as a Customer 
    you can upgrade your QVG role status to Independent Member within 60 days. 


  • Independent Member: To become QVG Independent Member, you will have to pay an annual membership fee in the amount of 88€ (incl.VAT) and register as an Independent Member under the Independent Member who introduced you to the QVG Opportunity.

    As our Member, you will enjoy discounts and be able to qualify for Bonuses on your own purchase and your Customer’s and Independent Member’s purchases.