There are many different possibilities offered to you by Wetality. You can choose among 2 different roles and find one which suits you best:

  • Customer: You can gain a 20% discount on Wetality Products full retail prices by registering as our Customer. By providing necessary information and submitting the referral ID of a person who introduced you to our Products, you will gain instant access to 20% lower prices. If you wish to join our Wetality Loyalty Program and save even more, please check it out here. Once you have signed in as a Customer, you can upgrade your Wetality role status to Independent Representative within 60 days.


  • Independent Representative: To become a Wetality Independent Representative, you should get to know our products a little better first.
    This is why we have a minimum of 200 EUR purchase rules before you become our Independent Representative.
    Then you can register as an Independent Representative under the Independent Representative who introduced you to the Wetality Opportunity. As our Representative, you will enjoy discounts and be able to qualify for Bonuses on your own purchase and your Customer’s and Independent Representative’s purchases.