Wetality AIR

5 puffs with mint flavor
(3 customer reviews)

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Product contains: 5 flavoured straws

Peppermint oil, Cannabinoid, Propylenglycol,
food grade oil (a total of approximately 50mg).

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Wetality AIR flavored straws are aromatic products containing natural peppermint oil and cannabinoids. Wetality AIR straws allow tobacco-free enjoyment of air and flavor inhalation, thus energizing the body and providing lung stimulation.

You can enjoy these fresh puffs whenever and wherever you like.

Usage: For inhalation only. Press top to activate. Enjoy aromatic flavors from the mouthpiece at the filter end.

Precautions: Do not light.

Feel free to enjoy everywhere

Feel free to enjoy everywhere


The simple explanation for use of Wetality AIR/Puff’s
  • One Wetality AIR delivers approximately 200 puffs.
  • Content is only consumed when the air is puffed through the Wetality AIR – in this way, it delivers a diluted form of the ingredients (eg. peppermint flavor with cannabinoid terpenes).
  • After activation, a Wetality AIR should not be deactivated or turned off. It should just stay activated for later reuse.
  • A Wetality AIR is exhausted when no more taste / noticeable effect is delivered.


How to manage!

  • When you activate a Wetality AIR, the flavors are released for enjoyment again and again.
  • Pushing the T-shaped pin downwards with a firm push activates the Wetality AIR.
  • You can shake the Wetality AIR a couple of times in calm horizontal movements to mix the contents optimally. This can be done both when activating and during the usage period.
  • Puff from the star filter point, not from the T-shaped pinpoint!



You are now ready to enjoy your Wetality AIR.

Continue until you have reached a comfortable aromatic refreshing satisfaction.

Simple and enjoyable.

  • No smoke.
  • No heating or burning (different from an e-cigarette, cigarette, vaporizers, and nebulizers).
  • No tar, carbon-oxide, or particles.
  • No risk of passive smoking.
  • No limitation for use of the product. Wetality AIR is not subject to restricted smoking zones.

3 reviews for Wetality AIR

  1. Chris22121370

    Fantastisk god produkt, giver mere luft, ro i hoved og krop, samt giver en bedre nattesøvn.
    Jeg kan varmt anbefale Wetality AIR.
    Med venlig hilsen.
    Chris Olesen

  2. Elva Braad Mortensen

    Uundværlig!! Har den med alle steder, og nyder den ro og den friske energi Air pen bidrager med. Min søn har brugt den i forbindelse med rygestop og bruger den dagligt.

  3. Hans-Joerg Pelikan

    Sofort nach dem Inhalieren verbesserte Kraft-Ausdauerleistung beim Hanteltraining.