UV Filtration (UV)

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€ 58.50

UV Filter removes any possibility of leftover pathogenic organisms and colloidal particles.

Ultraviolet water purification has become the most accepted for final barrier water treatment.

UV can destroy 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms.

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It is cost-effective, low maintenance, quick, clean, safe and reliable.
Using this stage also allowed us not to use one more carbon filter after the RO phase, which we wanted to avoid due to the possibility of residual contaminants passing into the filtered water.


UV light has a life span of 10.000 hours and although it is initially more expensive to include to the filtration system, it usually does not require any replacement throughout the whole lifetime of the machine.


UV light will disinfect the water from any excess microbiological bacteria and remove any possibility of leftover pathogenic organisms and colloidal particles. Any potential hazard has now been removed from the water.


UV filter will not cause secondary pollution to the water and the surrounding environment.


It has no residue and does not change any components in the water after disinfection.
After this stage, you are left with clean, mineralized, PH and hydrogen boosted water.


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