Hydrogen ION Boost + PH Boost (AAF)

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€ 51.00

Hydrogen Ion boost + PH boost ( Alkaline Antioxidant Filter ( AAF )) – This 2in1 filter takes care of 2 stages: hydrogen ions are boosted resulting in water able to revitalize the whole body.

Water molecule size is reduced to create more absorbable water and increase hydration. It also increases PH improving acid/base balance.

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Adding hydrogen to your water increases antioxidants which helps your body use such water to gain more vitality.
Studies done on hydrogen water confirm potential benefits, although it is yet awaited to become officially approved to associate any health claims to such methods.

We refer you to further investigation on this topic.
You can also decide for yourself after using the Wetality water system.
The same can be said for the PH water boost. Although official science usually does not stand behind any alternative wellness solution, it is known that consumers have been reporting about the benefits of alkaline water filters.

PH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale 0 to 14.
It starts with acid from 1 and further up the scale goes, the more alkaline the measurement. Normal drinking water has a value of around 7 usually.

Advocates of alkaline water (Ph between 8 and 9) believe that such water can neutralize the acid in our bodies, thus help overall well being.


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