Wetality water system

We present you a Unique 8 stage filtering Wetality Water system.
Wetality Water system builds its technology on Reverse Osmosis filtration process upgraded to state of the art system with 7 important components enabling 8 stage cleaning process!

8 stages premium quality Reverse Osmosis water filter machine.

Wetality machine

Instructional videos for installing water purifier and replacing mineral filter

Primary cleaning filter (PP)

Primary cleaning filter (PP)

Stage 1

Primary Cleaning Filter ( PP ) is manufactured from 100% Polypropylene and works in a mechanical way.

The surface layer of the filter cartridge assures the high-holding capability, while the inner layer is of higher density to keep the accurate micron rate in relation to small particles.

Primary cleaning filter (pp) or pre-filter removes the largest particles such as hair, sand, dirt, rust and other sediments, with a precision of 5 microns.

Primary cleaning filter protects further stages of filtration and extends the life of the whole system.

RO membrane is very powerful, but at the same time also delicate. In order to protect it, as a main and most precious part of the filtration system, water first flows through a pre-filter.

This filter should be changed every 6 months to prevent clogging and leaving the RO membrane unprotected.


Anti-bacteria Remove Pesticides Remove Parasites Antioxidant
Carbon clean filter (GAC)

Carbon clean filter (GAC)

Stage 2

The second phase in filtration system is a Carbon clean filter (GAC) that removes chlorine and pesticide residue, as well as other taste or odor contaminants.

This Carbon clean filter is very important since chlorine is not only bad for our health, it also can ruin the RO membrane.
Chlorine and chloramines are used as disinfectants in tap water, but cause it to smell and taste unpleasant. Historically, these elements have been added to the public water supply to prevent waterborne diseases.

Carbon clean filter (GAC) or coconut carbon activated filter is made from organic materials with high carbon contents such as wood, lignite, and coal.
It is a proven method to remove certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, from water.

In the Wetality water system, a carbon filter is placed before the RO filter to ensure that it is optimally protected.

At the same time, carbon filters have been found to leave small amounts of filtration contaminants (particles caused by filtration itself, not originally present in water) in the filtered water.
The next stage of filtration will take care of this.


Anti-bacteria Remove Pesticides Remove Parasites Antioxidant
Reverse osmosis preparation filter (PP)

Reverse osmosis preparation filter (PP)

Stage 3

Reverse Osmosis Preparation Filter ( Polypropylene ( PP )) removes the last impurities after carbon filtration and prepares the water for the Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) membrane.

This filter is, among the other, special advantages of the Wetality water system.
Most water filtration systems rely on Carbon filter (stage 2) to do all the dirty work and place RO filter directly after it.

Because carbon filters have been found to leave small amounts of filtration contaminants (particles caused by filtration itself, not originally present in water) in the filtered water, we have placed this RO preparation filter between them.


Anti-bacteria Remove Pesticides Remove Parasites Antioxidant
Platinum reverse osmosis membrane (RO)

Platinum reverse osmosis membrane (RO)

Stage 4

You can read more about RO technology and its importance on this special page: Reverse osmosis.

Platinum reverse osmosis membrane (RO) is the main component and the heart of the water filtration system.

Reverse Osmosis treatment technology uses pressure to force water through a membrane filter with a precision of 0.0001 microns which extremely effectively removes bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, salts, and other dissolved substances and chemicals added in the treatment of tap water.


Anti-bacteria Remove Pesticides Remove Parasites Antioxidant
Hydrogen Ion Boost + PH BOOST (AAF)

Hydrogen Ion Boost + PH BOOST (AAF)

Stage 5 and 6

Hydrogen Ion boost + pH boost ( Alkaline Antioxidant Filter ( AAF )) - This 2in1 filter takes care of 2 stages: hydrogen ions are boosted and pH increased - resulting in water able to revitalize the whole body.*

When water passes through this filter its molecule size is reduced to create more absorbable water and increase hydration. Increased pH improves acid/base balance.

Adding hydrogen to your water increases antioxidants which are believed to help the body use such water to gain more vitality.

The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. It ranges from 0 to 14, which is the most acidic, a pH of 7 is neutral, and 14 is the most alkaline. Normal drinking water usually has a value of around 7.

Advocates of alkaline water (pH between 8 and 9) believe that such water can neutralize the acid in our bodies, thus help overall well being.

*Studies done on hydrogen and PH+ water confirm potential benefits, although it is yet awaited to become officially approved to associate any health claims to such methods. We refer you to further investigation on this topic.

You can also decide for yourself after using the Wetality water system.
Although official science usually does not stand behind any alternative wellness solution, it is known that consumers have been reporting about the benefits of alkaline water filters.


Boost Hydrogen PHBoost pH Good Health Great Taste
Mineral Boost ( MCF )

Mineral Boost ( MCF )

Stage 7

Mineral Boost ( MCF ) Filter has been created to add an ideal amount of minerals back into filtered water - such as iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and zinc.

The remineralization phase replaces essential minerals which have been removed during the previous stages.
The body needs this mineral as important daily nutrients, yet they can be removed in the process of water filtration together with pollutants.

Mineral boost filter consists of a variety of composites, which release trace elements and minerals beneficial to the human body when water passes.
This phase adds an ideal amount of minerals back into the filtered water.

You can read more about water mineralization, and useful tips how to use it, on this link: Useful tips and info.

At the same time, this filter helps balance the pH in reverse-osmosis filtered water.
The end result is amazing pH-balanced water.


Add Minerals+++++++ Good Health Great Taste

UV Filtration

Stage 8

UV Filter removes any possibility of leftover pathogenic organisms and colloidal particles.

Ultraviolet water purification has become the most accepted for final barrier water treatment.
It can destroy 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms, is cost-effective, low maintenance, quick, clean, safe and reliable.

Using this stage also made it possible not to use one more carbon filter after the RO phase, which we wanted to avoid due to the possibility of residual contaminants passing into the filtered water.

This filter has a life span of 10.000 hours and although it is initially more expensive to include to the filtration system, it usually does not require any replacement throughout the whole lifetime of the machine.

UV light will disinfect the water from any excess microbiological bacteria and remove any possibility of leftover pathogenic organisms and colloidal particles. Any potential hazard has now been removed from the water.

UV filter will not cause secondary pollution to the water and the surrounding environment.

It has no residue and does not change any components in the water after disinfection.
After this stage, you are left with clean, mineralized, pH and hydrogen boosted water.


Anti-bacteria Remove Pesticides Remove Parasites Antioxidant