Technical specifications

Unique 8 stage filtering Wetality Water system

Reverse osmosis

Size and Weight

Size (height x width x length) Weight
43 x 20 x 47 cm ≈ 11.5 kg


Application area:
home / office
Water source:
municipal tap water
Filtration accuracy:
0.0001 microns
Purified Water Flow:
63L/H (400GPD)
Working pressure:
6bar (≤0.6 Mpa)
Feed water pressure:
1~4bar (0.1~0.4Mpa)
Working temperature:
220V~50Hz (24v)


  • 1 set Water faucet
  • 1 bag Fittings for faucet
  • 1 pc. 3-way valve
  • 1 pc. Drain buckle
  • 1 pc. Filter cartridge wrench
  • 1 pc. RO filter wrench
  • 5 m 1/4"PE pipe
  • 1 pc. User manual
wetality water setup

Pre-installation instructions video

Unpacking of the product, Wetality-1000 water system, where you can see what is inside the box and what you should do before installation and first use.


We suggest that you invite a professional worker to install this machine. Please do reference as following process if you install it yourself:

1) Find a suitable installation position.

2) Necessary tools for installation.
(Wrench, scissor, screwdriver, long flat nose pliers, electric drill)

3) Make sure that all related accessories are prepared well.

4) Turn off the power before installation.

Instructional videos for installing water purifier and replacing mineral filter