NO.04 – 10 ml drops

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Active ingredient: 2000 mg, THC < 0.2%

Caprylic/Capric TriglycerideOlea europaea fruit oil,
Cannabis sativa flower/leaf/stem extract.

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NO.04 – 10 ml drops are of amber color, thicker, and of dense texture.

Contains verified supercritical CO2 extracted industrial hemp diluted in organic certified cold pressed extra virgin Moroccan olive oil and certified organic MCT oil for better absorption and improved efficiency.

Contains only natural ingredients.
No artificial colors, aromas, preservatives.

Contains industrial hemp cannabinoids as an active ingredient.
Store in a cool and dry place.

USAGE: Moisturizes and soothes.

Use topically – for skin application where needed.

Precautions: Rinse in case of eye contact or skin irritation.

Batch No: 150127 Batch No: 300826 Batch No: 240525

8 reviews for NO.04 – 10 ml drops

  1. Elva Braad Mortensen


  2. birgitren

    Har ingen smerter i mine fingere mere

  3. Koldsoe

    Har god effect

  4. Tove

    Endelig fandt jeg den rette dosis.
    Kunne ønske dobbelt størrelse med rabat.

  5. Per Eckert

    Et fantastisk produkt, specielt velegnet hvis man ønsker at anvende mange Mg. CBD om dagen.

  6. Quinn

    Perfect, but not the bottle. Would like a spray

  7. Birgitte Marskot


  8. Care4you-Helle

    My absolute favorite!