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About me

Siri Moe

My name is: Siri  

and  I  smiles to  you.

I love working with people, and using my  empathy  to meet them where they are, and support them in their path  to physical and mental balance.

This I do both through treatments, classes, energy work  and guidance on the use of  CBD products and essential oils.

And in my toolbox I have, among other things:  Physiotherapy, Access Bars, massage,  Aromatouch, Symphony of the  Cells,  Access  body  processes,  Facial  healing,  CBD products,  essential oils  etc.

You can meet me in my little cozy  Clinic ; Klinik Smil

Monday 10-13 or by appointment.


WATER -  Water   -  H2O  -  WATER  is water just water?

WetalityWater – Water the Wetality way

Are you interested  in the water you  drink  is clean? Then we can also talk aboutwhether  a drinking water cleaning  plant for homeor workplaceis right for you. Do you have your own water drilling or is the local water not clean enough?


My business

Klinik Smil - Clinic Smile

A small cozy clinic ,  located  in  an  Annex to a  cottage, in a cottageareanear Balka  beach.


there is a small step up  (it is the plan to raise the gound so that there is easier access), in the entrance hall  there is room to hang the jacket  (behind air to the water heat pump)  and  besides access the  toilet there is access to:

  • Behandlingroom  - with  a large  soft  piece  and  a  regular  briks  (which can also  be broughtfor home treatment).
  • Waiting room – with room for conversation/guidance and a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of water.

Parking : there is room for two cars in the inddrive and one to two alongthe house, and there is only80 meters to  a  number offonebody parkingspace.


I chose to shift direction in life,  after a year of  stress,  depression/birthdepression, anxiety  and  sadness, I chose to stop with my job as an  operator  in freeze drying of microorganisms for food. And move home  to  Bornholm  and lick  wounds and get on top again. and after I accidentally chose to  take  an Access bars class, and then a lot of other classes,  it led me back to my happy Self, and I chose to open the clinic.

-       One day I looked at the annekset  and said there`s Klinik Smil and I open on  Monday.

Not long after I met my great Passion; Essential oil from  dōTERRA.

Shortly thereafter I was  introduced  to  the CBD where I joined a great team, and I  thought; yes here I can  really also make a  big difference for people, by giving them some safeframework to  be  introduced  to,  and buying CBD,  oil in.

And now clean water is also coming via WetalityWater.


Looking forward to seeing YOU in Clinic Smile and/or hearing from you

My klinik and I are on  Facebook and you are also welcome to contact me on  mobile  phone.

Website is being prepared....

Contact me

  • Fyrrevej 5, Balka, 3730 Nexø

  • +45 60601976

  •  60611976

  • siri@cbd-care4you.dk

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