Wetality Spring Beauty Wellness Package

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The Wetality Spring Beauty Wellness package introduces some of the season’s most-wanted products, at a special price.
Here you will find:

  • Wetality Hyaluron serum with CBD and vitamin C – a great everyday product suitable for all ages and skin types, which will hydrate your skin and together with some moderate sun exposure, bring the balance and facial glow back.
  • Wetality Collagen + Vitamin D – a hydrolyzed fish collagen with vitamins and minerals, if ever, now it’s the right time to give this best selling product a chance and prep your skin, as well as the whole body, for the intense summer season.
  • Wetality Happy Lips Balm – an all-natural nourishing CBD formula, with a hint of color to pamper your lips and freshen up your spring looks.
  • Heat Balm – a superior recovery, relaxing, massage and regeneration aid, with all the characteristics of a standard heating lotion, but using CBD instead to work it’s magic on the muscles and deep tissues.
  • Wetality certified food grade Lemon essential oil – which will help you spring-clean your entire home in a 100% natural way, without use of any harmful chemicals and cleaning agents. You can check more in our tips and tricks section of this oil’s landing page.