Wetality Pure Organic Orange

10 ml essential oil

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100% natural and pure. Certified organic.
Sweet orange essential oil is extracted from the peel of Citrus sinensis by a method called cold pressing – using pressure to squeeze the oil out.

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The main chemical constituents are limonene, monoterpene and hydrocarbons. Their properties are believed to be anti-oxidant, stimulative, detoxicant, anti-septic…

This essential oil’s ability to enhance immunity and reduce symptoms of numerous ailments is well known. Some even use it as a flavor substitute in kitchen recipes.

Wetality Pure Organic Orange essential oil is free of any pesticides, chemicals or solvents and therefore suitable for most uses.

Characterized by its pleasant fruity scent this oil has a cheerful, uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing effect. It creates a warm environment of coziness.

Wetality pure Organic

USE: Add a few drops to your diffuser to enjoy its benefits such as reduction of pulse rate and eliminate airborne bacteria. Add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage into skin to promote clarity, radiance, and smoothness of the skin. It can increase blood flow and thus relieve discomfort associated with inflammation, headaches, and menstruation. It can also help indigestion problems when massaged into the abdominal area.

CAUTION: Always dilute in a carrier oil before skin application. Avoid sensitive areas. Avoid eye contact and mucus membranes.

According to historical sources, In 1493, Christopher Columbus carried Orange seeds during his expedition to the Americas and eventually, they reached Haiti and the Caribbean. In the 16th century, Portuguese explorers introduced Orange trees to the West and later Italian traders introduced Orange trees to the Mediterranean region. In the 16th century, Sweet Oranges were introduced in England. It is believed that Europeans valued Citrus fruits mainly for their medicinal benefits, but the Orange was quickly adopted as a fruit. Eventually, it came to be cultivated by the wealthy, who grew their own trees in private “orangeries.” The Orange has come to be known as the oldest and the most commonly grown tree fruit in the world.


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